• Besiter Mercury Polymer Battery with MicroUSB Input - 10000 mAh - White

Besiter Mercury Polymer Battery with MicroUSB Input - 10000 mAh - White

  • الشركة : Besiter
  • النوع : Mercury
  • حالة التوفر : Coming Soon
  • KD 16.00

  • Powerful Charging Capacity: The device has premium Polymer Li-ion battery that is slimmer, smaller and safer. It provides a charging capacity up to 20000mAh, which is more than any smartphone needs. Thus, you can go for the hiking without getting disconnected from your network.
  • Dual Output and Sync: In case both your device and the power bank run out of charge, sync comes as a blessing. It let you charge the power bank and the device simultaneously. While, the dual output system (available in some models) let you charge the two devices together. As a result, it saves you a lot of time.
  • Compatibility: The device can charge most of the portable devices, e.g. smartphones, iPhones, tablets, etc. You do not need any special arrangements, just connect it to the device you want to charge, and you're done. The smart system can detect the devices and required settings on its own.
  • Fast Charging Capacity: These devices offer high speed charging up to 2.1A without causing any harm to your devices. Thus, you can save a lot of valuable time.
  • Comfort and Safety: The cover adopts the best quality, i.e. the materials and rubber oil finishing. It feels just great to touch and hold. Plus, it adopts all the safety measures, e.g. overheating, overcharging, over voltage, etc. It's safe to use with any device.

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