• Dock Extender Cable (Black)

Dock Extender Cable (Black)

  • الشركة : USBFEVER
  • النوع : All IPhone + IPad
  • حالة التوفر : متوفر
  • KD 4.50


If your iPhone / iPod is wearing a case, how you could adapt them to other funny accessories, e.g. ..?  remote control, Cradle, car windshield mount or even external charger...?

It is a hassle if you need to take off your case to have other funny accessories.

How you can overcome such situation?

We have an innovative product for you, just have this cable on, then you will have all the flexiblility to attach your iPhone / iPod with any other accessories.


- For Charging
- For Audio and Video Transfer 
- To eliminate the troubles for sometimes that you need to take off your case for iPhone / iPod before connecting your iPhone / iPod to an accessories (e.g. FM Trabsmitter in a car).

Scernarios that this cable may apply:

- For testing, if you are developing a product for iPhone / iPod, you may need to test your product with iPhone  / iPod for thousand times, then this cable may help becase it eliminate the direct damage to your iPhone / iPod
- Connect you iPhone  / iPod with other accessories even it is wearing a case.
- If you have some devices that is capable (compatible with) of your new iPhone / iPod, just that the physical space is too small for your new iPhone / iPod

This accessory is suitable for: (see note below)
- Apple iPad 1
- Apple iPad 2
- iPad 3 (The New iPad)
- iPhone 4 (or 4G)
- iPod Video (5G)
- iPod Nano 5th
- iPod Nano 4th
- iPod Nano 3rd
- iPod Nano 2nd
iPod Classic (120GB)
- iPod Touch 3rd
- iPod Touch 2nd
- iPhone 3GS 

- iPhone 3G (or iPhone 2.0) 
iPhone 2G (or iPhone 1.0) 
iPod Touch 1st 

Colors Available
- Black

Package Contents

- Dock Extender cable (Dock Male to Dock Female) for Sync & charging and buffering x 1


- Blister


- Length: around 60cm (or 2 feet)
NOT intended FOR Data HOTSYNC with a PC.

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